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First Programming Language

First Programming Language / First Coding Language

In this article, we will explore the question “which programming language should I learn first?” and its answer. If you really want to become a code writer, then you should start from a programming language that is easy to learn for you. Sometimes a language easy for a person might be quite difficult for another person. It means that we can’t fix and declare a programming language for all ‘the first programming language’.

Some expert programming teachers recommended ‘Basic Language’ first to learn to start programming. While others recommended the ‘C Language’ as a starter language. We promise that we will teach you in a very easy way the best language to learn programming. Frankly speaking, I have started learning programming from C Language, then C++, Visual Basics, Java and so on. But after the learning of C-Language from a programming teacher, I am capable to start learning other programming languages myself.

computer languages

The best way to learn to code is start learning programming concepts first.

However any programming language can be considered a first programming language that has the following features.

  • Easy and Simple Syntax
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Comprehensive and Concrete IDE-Integrated Development Environment



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