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An Analysis of Failed Sites of Users Part II

An Analysis of Failed Sites of  Users Part 2nd


In last SEO episode, I pointed out two main factors which were cheap hosting bought from cheap people, and worst in performance which gives us bad up-time. Sometimes when Google crawls your site and if at the time your site is not working then crawling does not  takes place & gives bad effect to ranking. Google loves fast hosting that’s why , its products are loaded in seconds. That’s why, It placed 25 Tera byte per second  data cable in the ocean of Asia in order to speed up its products – Gmail, YouTube and other sites.

The second fact is  zero user experience. Themes are installed outdated mean expired . Slow! old in Look! boring Coloring Scheme! If your site is not able to be bookmarked by the users, then your site is nothing. It’s a game of user experience. When the level of your site has reached to be bookmarked in user browser , you have done everything in user experience. Did you know which site is bookmarked? Check your bookmarked list of your browser.

Boring Content:

It’s a main problems among all. we hire a content writers who has done Ph.D. in English, but does not know a single thing about content writing. Essay writing is too different, and content writing is different. Essay writing is to impress the checker for getting marks , content writing is to impress the visitor of site . Content writing is to write the articles in more engaging way as it does not lose attention. Images upon images! People like pictorial posts. Most sites I visited where  no or a few images! place good quality images for the high traffic . Good user experience means to decrease  the bounce rate .
Today a lot of writers provide spin content (for securing copyright article ) ! They use spin software  or websites for uniqe article . Some others are over smart who use translator services. They translate  English word like “What is Search engine optimization ?” write in Google Translate, Translate to French , Search for French  Articles on Google, Translate Again in English! 100% unique articles! Plagiarism checker  Passed! very brilliant ! But sharpness Zero in Google Ranking! Google knows it, it does not work for Google! Beware such type of  people!

The people who use spin their content does  not satisfy the latest requiremnets  of peoples . Today’s SEO World, your paragraph must not be more than three to four sentences. A spin content creates articles too much long paragraphs. Boring! (This technique is known as Skyscraper Technique)

Content writing is nothing without good images every 3 to 4 paragraphs – relevancy and the places of images in the content are important. Check any article of Backlink the you will see how an article must be written that’s why, the site has less than 60 bounce rate.

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