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Reason of Failed Sites of Users Part III

An Analysis of Failed Sites of  Users Part III


3 main reason have been discussed in Part 1st and 2nd :
  • Bad keywords choice (Niche),
  • Bad hosting (Slow hosting)
  • Worst  user experience.

1. Newly created  Site. No Ranking. Google Sandbox.

When you create a new site, there are few chances of getting success. Reason behind SEO is a special field in which you don’t get results in a fraction of a second as it is the case with Freelancing – you can deliver the thing, you are paid. But  SEO world is to different, you have wait hours upon hours, days upon days, sometimes, months upon months, in order to appear the ideal results.
Sometimes your whole site is transfer  in Sandbox and sometimes your some of your articles. It’s the Google’s rule. is it your site is old! Write some articles without On-Page and Off-Page for users, but they should be interesting or you can get a viral news from Buzzsumo, write and also share!
Why? very Good Question!

If you already written many articles on your site, but not getting ranks despite making many backlinks then don’t worry. Your site might be resting in Google Sandbox. It’s a box where  your site is placed until it gets old, and Google knows that this site is not spammy and clear goal to entertain the people, not for hacking or spammy purpose.

2. Weak On Page

 People say just use your keyword to the beginning of the title and the beginning of the URL, in the first paragraph of your every article, in one Alt Image, and sub-headings. But they forget one thing that is internal and external links and the anchor text of your external and internal links.

Use internal links  Interlinks are those links which is attached the another previous article of your site. see example at the end of article. If that posts are related then it is great, if not then place it even then. Make a accurate chain, this chain should never be broken. One article must be connected to the other article . In this way, if the one article is ranked well to the top of Google, others will get benefit too.

Use external links Those links which is can be open other website like Wikipedia this is called external link. Use partial achor text of your keyword while linking to high authority if it is not possible then use in other way.

In this way, you increase user experience. Because people want to know a lot of information. When you give to your high authority site, they like to read. BUT NEVER Ever GIVE A LINK TO YOUR COMPETITOR AT ANY COST!

Internal link , external link and images and good user experience of the site make an article looks good.
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