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An Analysis of Failed Websites of Users Part 1st

An Analysis of Failed Websites of Users Part 1st


I have seen many websites of the users on which 1500+ words of more than 30 articles have been written, but zero or close to zero traffic. I noticed that these factors from the analysis of websites which are hardly getting success in the SEO World.

(As the Most Important Factor Was Discussed in the #1
Why Do I Say Keyword Research is the 70-90% of SEO?)

1. Cheap Hosting:
This  one is the most common issues that is ignored by many people. They buy cheap hosting and  in return of buying cheap hosting, their websites remain offline for 2 to 3 hours per day or per week. They buy from Pakistani people which sale cheap hosting, but worst in term of performance. Google hates such a type of sites. It doesn’t matter the content on the website is accurately according to the  Google rules. Use a good hosting from a popular company .
If you could not  use a good hosting, then use the fastest and free hosting provided by the Google in the form of Blogger where you can attach your custom .com domain free of cost. You can watch this video for helping step by step procedure.
Learn a little bit HTML language , then edit your theme by downloading a good theme from the internet(use a virus free template ) . I use templates from this virus free website Sora Templates.
websites analysis
2. Zero User Experience:

People don’t know what is the user experience. It took me weeks to understand the true meaning of user experience  when I entered in this field initially. People use worst theme who gives zero user experience to the users. I am extremely sorry if the next sentence is going to hurt you. Sahifa is the worst theme of this modern era in term of user experience according to my personal opinion. If you want to see what is a good experience theme then visit etc. I know you can’t make such an amazing themes , but you can try to make use of the many themes as per requirements.

You can create an amazing theme with Newspaper WordPress Theme (Check here is Demo)

Download Here

How  can you make? Just watch the 20 minutes of its official videos that are uploaded on its official YouTube Channel check here .You would visit as many websites if possible. You must be obverse everything. How can be logo create . How can be design it is. How and where ads are placed. Note the distance between from thing to this thing. Everything means everything every type.Open a google daily for checking different types of logo and then you will know the color combination and different style of logo. Make Your Site looks Like Professional. That’s why this is the key to success.

Other factors will be discussed in the next episode.

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