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How To Do Keyword Research – The 90% SEO Part 3rd

How To Do Keyword Research – The 90% SEO Part 3rd


I already told many times that the potential and the opportunities for doing Keyword Research are unlimited and boundless. Finding the best keywords, which are relevant to your niche and intent-oriented explained in the previous SEO posts, are the 90% SEO.

Once if you will understand the intent, you don’t need to find the difficulty of the keyword research because all the top 9 websites are not providing to the point answer to readers and articles as you can do by writing yourself with good On-Page and Off-Page SEO and Qualitative content.

Maybe another interesting question pop up in your mind, why we can’t spend money on keyword competition tools. They can help, but if you don’t have enough money to purchase premium softwares , you can also do it, but it might take some extra time to keyword research. I will talk about it on this topic in the future articles.

  1. Wikipedia, Yahoo Answer, Quora and Amazon

Anyone here doesn’t know about Wikipedia !  yeah exactly everyone know about it.Wikipedia is getting millions of visitors per day some peoples here to reading and some users also work on Wikipedia as a content writer, but not earning a single cent from the ads except the donation from peopels, that’s why, people like Wikipedia because of its great user experience content which is helpful for readers. I already explained in many of my previous SEO articles about it.Create your website more user experience in order to attract and impress the visitors.

In Wikipedia, you can visit the article, you will see the table of content and arrangement of articles mean the sequence, you can find many keywords from them. If that keyword is a high competition keyword, you can use Google Suggestion to make it longer that will make it low competition means the increase the length of keyword. I can’t explain the difficulty of the keyword, but I can give you a hint hope so you will understand.

If you write a keyword into the search box of Google search engine, If the google gives the correct answer, and all the websites have done great On-Page SEO then it’s not your game and change your keyword. But If you write such a keyword, and Google doesn’t provide a good answer then it means the keyword is low competition  and you can write good article to rank your site because the websites haven’t done good On-Page SEO – the keyword in the title,content short, URL, alt image etc and weak in terms of backlinks.Means the weak competitor then take advantage dear.

When you create a website in start, you write on extremely low competition keywords even they have only 100 volume per month. Once if this is getting ranked on the keyword, then you’re doing a great job.

If a keyword did’nt ranked if its volume is only 100 per month then how is it possible you can rank a keyword it’s a 500 volume per month.So follow the Good CPC and volume keyword then your site will be ranked slowly.

If you are not able to find a  good keyword, and you have a new site. Write any unique post that hasn’t been written before, and rank in Google via Good On-Page SEO. You will be happy to see the result your keyword will be ranked. is a good place where people ask questions that mostly they are unable to find the accurate answer on the internet. You can easily find those questions and read the answer which is on replies, you can search for their volume search on google, check on Google either it’s low competition due to weak ON-Page SEO of competitors, you can write an article on the same question by a finding answer on its answer sections or replies of other people, and you can rank that keyword easily.

If you go to more specific niche, you will find more strong keywords. The same procedure for Yahoo Answer.

2) Think Out of the Box:

It  is the best way that I have done. I have been running the internet from my 8th class .I’ve visited more than a thousand websites in my life. I can easily judge either this website is looking great or not by content and user-friendly etc.

Just like as previous articles i suggest that if you want to be a good logo designer then daily visit google image and see the different logos.With the passage of time you will learn colour combination of logos and designs which is good of required field.

You can check whenever you write something in Youtube Search Box, it shows some keywords which are related to your search keyword. When you write in Bing and Yahoo and other Search Engines, you can find more strong keywords (They appears in auto-correction and suggestion).

Similar, you will write a “Keyword Finders” in Google search box, you will find many websites that can help for this purpose. You can get Long Tail Pro that can find more keywords for your help. In SEMRUSH, it has a tool SEO Magic that can get more than a 1 lakh keyword on a single file in the form of Excel file and Word.

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