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What Things Are Important Before Doing Keyword Research

What Things Are Important Before Doing Keyword Research


Here is  some important things you must have knowledge before doing Keyword Research:
  1. You must have knowledge what to do with keywords. You must know the use of a keyword (and what is a keyword) that you will find and how to use and how many times use keywords in an article. Read the article about On-Page on the Backlinko website. Search in Google Search Engine, you will find with ease.
  2. Normally we write articles on a keyword that we find. Usually, we find low competition keywords on which no or few articles are written by the content writers, but have good per month keyword searches . You must be write on low competition keywords.You can easily rank them. Searching is not an easy game!Sometimes it’s take a  time. Once you have got experience about it, it will be easy for you in future.
  3. You must be know about intent. Intent means  the main purpose of the keyword to be written in the search engine(Hidden Story behind keyword). E.g , when a writer writes “Used Cars in Karachi” You would know what is its intent (Behind Purpose) as he wants to buy a used car in Islamabad. You know these are  transactional keyword. Read in #2 in which I explained the important factors.
  4. If you find a keyword just like “Hotmail Sign In”, suppose it is a good keyword with good CPC searches, but the intent of the user is to sign in hotmail , he will not open your website. Same as it is a keyword “Islamabad to Karachi Distance” Google shows “12 hours 47 minutes. (1137 km)”. It means the user will never click to your 1st or even 2nd result. Because its intent is to know the distance that Google display them directly with a single result 
  5. You must have a website or a free blog on Blogger for   SEO practice purpose. SEO is completely practical knowledge. Practice will make you perfect in SEO field. The theoretical knowledge will kill your talent as it’s said less knowledge is a crime .Theory doesn’t valuable without implementation. You can face problems that are not explained in the articles. E.g, All in One SEO  is not installing etc.
  6. You must be using Google search engine a lot. Try to check different results, open the site and also check the site quality how they are ranking. Go to the source code by clicking using right click, and check it On-Page way of that page. Don’t worry I will explain it also

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