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Why Only Learning SEO Is Not Enough To Be Successful

Why Only Learning SEO Is Not Enough To Be Successful


If you are learning only SEO and nothing other skills , I would say to do something different and be a professional. SEO works the best when you combine many techniques in order to gain the maximum result for your site and business.

 First of all , you have to study Psychology, specially Business Psychology. It will be helpful for dealing peoples. How  will you impress the visitors ? Which type of material you provide to them so they can be impressed. In the more depth you look at the people’s problems, and try to solve out, In  the better way with the help of your experience or knowledge. If you would study about Colour Psychology, you can learn which color scheme the best with your theme.
Second, you can  become a better writer who can make the audience engaged what you write on your website mean attractive articles . If your way of  article writing is interesting, people will read your articles from top to bottom, from the SEO perspective, the bounce rate of your website will be lower if visitor will stay more for reading your articles.
For this reason, you can read books on your favorite topics. I am a regular visitor of BBC Future as well as daily news as well as intouch with other platform where i can gather information . I read articles, comment and look at other people comment. Improving English is critical if you are not a regular reader. It’s up to you how can you improve your English vocabulary . You can find a thousand tips if you search via Google. I think you must be read articles regularly to improve your English.
You can observe what will be the font color, and also  size of font so that it does not  irritate the visitors. You can try to learn which color scheme  would be the best if I make a banner between the paragraph of my post.
Third, you can learn web development. Sometimes, you will find such amazing keywords with great per month searches  and high CPC, but you could not be able to make a site yourself on WordPress unless you have a good budget. You will learn web developing so that you can make a site that has more user experience and advantages. You can learn free of cost web development by visiting to UDEMY
Fourth, you will visit most popular websites on the internet to keep updated yourself with the latest trends (Hot Topics)  for getting the best user experience. You can read articles as well as observe everything which in website that makes the site look amazing. You can follow any good blog related to your interest it will be helpful for gaining knowledge.
At the end, but not the last. You can keep updated yourself in the SEO field which is the ever changing field. You have to read new articles from many websites which will be helpful for your knowledge. It would be tough task for you. I commonly read on its Android app when i am free on a bus, at the university etc.
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