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Make a Backlink Rather Learn the Psychology Behind Making

Not to Learn First Where to Make a Backlink Rather Learn the Psychology Behind Making

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I have seen many people who ask where to make a backlink or send the resources where we can make, but they don’t want to know the psychology behind making a backlink.

First of all, you must be take knowledge that building a backlink is against Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines. Am I joking, right?

Read that Webmaster Guidlines for Link schemes!

In this way, Google thinks you are  manipulating the ranking either you are buying or selling a backlink.

Try to understand where you should make a backlink where Google will believe that you have got a backlink from other else, not you. That’s why, Social Sharing is considered the powerful way for getting a backlink even it is no-follow, but it gives you high ranking.

Similarly, use Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answer, Wikipedia, trustworthy forums,linkdin and Youtube so on and so forth. Try to link to your site or article naturally by participating the discussions that are relevant to your niche (topic). For example, if a person is looking for an education software that must have a periodic table, and your site has, then you can give the link to your site. In this way, you can get more clicks to your link and a backlink. In the same way, you can use Google Advanced Command to find a guest post on an educational site like site: .edu (domain) “guest post”(Click it if you didn’t get it Google Commando.In the other way, you will find sites that accept guest post. You can search for .pk also, for this, you have to write site: .pk.

Google Search Engine says your content must be so much amazing that people link to your site free of cost. If you do this, perhaps, it will be take a decade to rank your site. For this, you must be purchase links in the form of a guest post, or you make a free backlink yourself.

In the same way, Web 2.0 backlink work. You create a blog on Blogger,, Tumblr, etc, & make it real as if the person is operating, and he has linked to your blog. Make the blog real mean not artificial or fake content . Its look should not be as it was created for the selling purpose of making a backlink rather it’s a real, natural and unique blog where useful information is given to users.

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