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In the SEO World You Should Be A Writer Or Have Money!

In the SEO World You Should Be A Writer Or Have Money!


Whenever it comes to starting an SEO  business either to start in the way  of  website development or to sell SEO services then you have 2 options one is that you should be a good writer, or you have a good budget to invest.
If you are a writer, you can buy a domain at Rs. 900 or less then 900 via Godday (and a free hosting of Google  Blogger  you can attach the domain with Blogger, and your website will be ready to display your written articles.You already know that, a complete site is a combination of a domain and a hosting. When you attach both, a complete site is ready.

You can start writing articles on low competition keywords (I will teach in Upcoming Articles how to find low competition keywords free of cost ), those articles will be ranked to the top of Google in indexing, in the return, you will get good traffic . If you can receive more traffic , you will earn more revenue  via Google Adsense (Ads will be placed on your site, you will be earn from it).

If you are not a good writer or good at English, then you can start this business easily if you have good budget. You can find an excellent writer who will write articles for you. You will provide him the low competition keywords or you find yourself, or you make use of a Fiverr gig that Fiverr man will find for you the keyword research. If you have a good budget, you will buy good domains and you can offer guest postings to other people who will pay for that.

Or you can purchase  a ready made website that is already earning a handsome amount of money via Flippa, you just have to maintain and inspect the site on daily basis mean regularly update your site by posting regular post.
The choice is yours is it your improve your English to write for yourself, or you hire other people from Fiver or other platforms where you can demand content writer who will do for you as a duty , not with by heart  😀
There are some samples  of work that you can do without becoming a good writer, for example, working on wallpaper niche (Niche mean topic), Cooking recipes niche, CPA as well as you can sell your products via Facebook Ads as people are doing nowadays for BlackFriday and I already  written a article  about BlackFriday in  #3. There are many other things that you can attach with it without becoming a writer.
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