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Basic Syntax and First Webpage HTML5

Basic Syntax and First Webpage HTML5

Installation and Saving a file

Hi, Guys! Today we will discuss Basic syntax of html5 and aslo create a first web page. In previous article i clear that you need 2 softwares to install for html5. One is Chrome or Supporatble browser and second is Notepad++.
So First of all download and install notepad++. After installation You need to create a new file of notepad++.

The Main <!DOCTYPE> Declaration

The <!DOCTYPE> declaration represents the document type, and helps browsers to display web pages correctly means the tells about the format of document.

It must be appear once, at the top of the page (before any HTML tags or any other attriubute).

The <!DOCTYPE> declaration is not case sensitive as well as not Must.

The <!DOCTYPE> declaration for HTML5 only:

Thi style of writing is that : <!DOCTYPE html>

Some useful tags

  • The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration or defines this document to be HTML5
  • The <html> element is the main/root element of an HTML page
  • The <head> element contains meta information or heading about the document
  • The <title> element defines the title for the document
  • The <body> element contains the visible and user End page content
  • The <h1> element defines the largest heading size
  • The <p> element defines a paragraph tag

Basic syntax of HTML5:

Basicllay HTML5 web page depends upon 3 basic parts. Header,body and footer.

Header is used for Heading of a webpage means the title of the page. In Body side we write the code of whole webpage.

At the end in Footer we write the ending side of the page in the format of code.

Now some important point Remember that every tag start and must be end if not end then its working still continue.
What?? Not Understand! yes i know. Ok let me Explain it.
Tag start mean the feature of tag start working and at the end of the ending tag you can Stop the Feature of specified tag. If you did’nt close the tag then you can see the feature of Specified tag still runing even Apply on those areas where you did’nt like. So Inshort Starting tag required ending tag.


Stucture of HTML5



Now start the syntax of html5



<title> Page </title>



<h1>This is My First Webpage</h1>
<h2>This is My First Webpage</h2>
<h3 align=”center”>This is My First Webpage</h3>
<h4>This is My First Webpage</h4>
<h5>This is My First Webpage</h5>
<h6>This is My First Webpage</h6>


Explaination of Recent used tags

Html tag: Starting tag use for identification of html web page for browser

 Title: Title or Heading for page

H1 tag:  “h1″ is the Largest Font size and in which  write a sentence

Some different sizes of font” h1,h2,h3″

In H3 which center Alignment is used

Saving File of Html5

Remember that file save in the extension of “.html” So you can save a file in this format mean the name of file “newfile.html” (Ignore inverted commas) So now your file is in html format. Next step is that to start coding in the notepad++ file. All related files and pictures which are used in the HTML file put in a single folder.


Difference Between Tags and attributes:

Tags used for activating specified feature just like We used in recent paragraph “h1” tag means the Font size now if we want sentence move in center alignment so check out “h3” font in which used the center alignment.These alignments, font colors and font style are called the Attributes of a tag.


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