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PHP Tutorials List

PHP Tutorials List In this course, we’ll explore the basic structure of PHP Scripting Language. All basic commands and programming statements will be discussed with examples. Editors Needed / Notepad++ / Dreamweaver There are many Softwares / Editors used for PHP Development / PHP Programming. There is no restriction to …

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HTML Basic Examples

HTML Basic Examples Hi Guys! Hope so you are fine. Now we go on next step Don’t worry if these examples use tags you have not learned. You will learn about them in the upcoming Posts. <a href="">This is a link</a> The links represent is specified in the(Hyperlink Reference) href attribute. Attributes are used …

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Basic Syntax and First Webpage HTML5

Basic Syntax and First Webpage HTML5 Installation and Saving a file Hi, Guys! Today we will discuss Basic syntax of html5 and aslo create a first web page. In previous article i clear that you need 2 softwares to install for html5. One is Chrome or Supporatble browser and second …

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Introduction to HTML5

Introduction to HTML5 Introduction to HTML5, I would like to explain each and every fact about HTML5. HTML stands for of “Hyper Text Markup Language” and 5 define is the number of versions. Versions and Release Dates: The first version of HTML introduced in 1989 Which named is “Tim Berners-Lee”. …

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