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9th Class Computer Science Notes in English

9th Class Computer Science Notes in English / Guess Paper


  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Computer Components
  3. Input / Output Devices
  4. Storage Devices
  5. Number Systems
  6. Boolean Algebra
  7. Computer Software
  8. Introduction to Windows

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Computers

  1. Write use of Assembler.
  2. What is ENIAC?
  3. Which technology is used in second generation of computers.
  4. Write the two advantages of transistors in second generation of computers.
  5. Write two uses of internet.
  6. What is classification of computers?
  7. Describe John VON Neumann Theory.
  8. Define Assembly Language.
  9. What is the use of Laptop Computers?
  10. What is language translator?
  11. Define Computer Language.
  12. What is the role of Pascal in computer invention?
  13. What is a computer program?
  14. Write names of any four high level languages?
  15. Differentiate Analog and Digital Computers.
  16. Write the use of Computer Simulations.
  17. Define Computer.
  18. Write two positive impacts of computer and internet on society.

Chapter 2 : Computer Components

  1. What are registers?
  2. Define Computer Hardware.
  3. Write the importance of CPU in computer system.
  4. Define System Unit.
  5. How computer software is different from system software?
  6. Differentiate System Software and Application Software.
  7. Define System Bus.
  8. What is a motherboard?
  9. What is the usage of USB port?
  10. What is ALU?

Chapter 3 :Input / Output Devices

  1. Write the use cursor control keys.
  2. Describe Mouse events/actions.
  3. Write the use of Microphone.
  4. What are differences between numeric keys and alphanumeric keys?
  5. Define Joystick.
  6. Differentiate Printer and Plotter.
  7. Write the working of Inkjet Printer
  8. Differentiate Delete and Esc keys.
  9. Write the use of track ball.
  10. Define Impact Printers.
  11. Define Pixel.
  12. What do you know about CRT monitors?
  13. What is the use of Input Unit?

Chapter 4: Storage Devices

  1. Difference between CD-R and CD-RW
  2. Differentiate main memory and secondary memory.
  3. Differentiate Bit and Byte.
  4. Write differences between Static Ram and Dynamic Ram.
  5. What is Sequential Access?
  6. Write uses of Hard Disk.
  7. How data is organized on storage devices.
  8. How data is organized in magnetic tape?
  9. Define seek time
  10. Write differences between RAM and ROM.
  11. Convert 1 Gigabytes into bytes.
  12. Define Compact Disk.
  13. Define magnetic disk.
  14. What is Disk Drive?
  15. What is a magnetic tape?
  16. Why DRAM consumes more power?
  17. Is RAM a read-write memory? Explain.

Chapter 5: Number Systems

  1. Convert 25(10) into binary number.
  2. 1011010 + 01011101 = ?
  3. Convert 78(10)  into Hexadecimal System.
  4. How to represent the positive and negative numbers in Binary System?
  5. Write the method of 1’s Complement.
  6. What is ASCII Code?
  7. Define Unicode.
  8. Differentiate Data and Information.
  9. What is Alphanumeric Data?
  10. Define Binary System.
  11. 0110 1011 = ? using binary multiplication.
  12. What is the base of Decimal System and which digits are used in it?
  13. Convert 10(56.25) into binary number.
  14. Find 2’s Complement of1100011 .
  15. What is a number system?
  16. Convert A1.03 into binary number.
  17. What is Octal Number System?
  18. What is Computer Code?
  19. Differentiate Binary number system and decimal number system.
  20. Find 2’s Complement of 11011101(2)
  21. What is Binary Coded Decimal System?
  22. Differentiate 1’s complement and 2’s complement.
  23. 78(10) = (?)8

Chapter 6: Boolean Algebra

  1. Write the truth table of AND Operation.
  2. Define Proposition.
  3. Using Truth table Prove that X̅=X
  4. Write three advantages of K-Map
  5. Define K-Map.
  6. Write the purpose of OR operation.
  7. Write an advantage and disadvantage of K-Map.
  8. What are Boolean constants?
  9. Define Absorption Law.
  10. Define Boolean Constants.
  11. What is a Boolean function?
  12. What is the role of Boolean algebra in computer?
  13. Write truth table of x̅.y
  14. Write the De Morgan’s laws.
  15. How Boolean function can be simplified?
  16. 3110 = (?)16
  17. Simplify f(x,y) = x.y + x̅.y
  18. What are Boolean variables?
  19. If x+1 = 1 then x.?=0

Chapter 7: Computer Software

  1. Define Operating System.
  2. Define Internal DOS Commands with an example.
  3. Why parameters are used with DOS Commands?
  4. Which DOS command is used to create0 a. new directory?
  5. How DOS is different from Windows operating System?
  6. Which information is provided by the DR command
  7. What is XCOPY Command?
  8. Write the purpose of FORMAT command.
  9. Define attributes of a file.
  10. Define Command Line Interface.
  11. Differentiate RD and MD Command.
  12. What is Wildcard?
  13. Describe DOS VER Command.

Chapter 8: Introduction to Windows

  1. How computer gets/infected with Virus?
  2. What is use of Page Up?
  3. Define Multi tasking.
  4. Define Computer Virus.
  5. Define Antivirus Program.
  6. Write some popular Antivirus names.
  7. Write the use of control panel.
  8. Write four features of WINDOWS.
  9. Define Windows Desktop.
  10. Write five icon names present at the Windows Desktop.
  11. How a new folder can be created in WINDOWS?
  12. Define Short Cut.
  13. Write the use of Start Button.
  14. What is file extension?
  15. How to find a file in WINDOWS?
  16. Differentiate .exe and .com files.
  17. What is the use of My Computer Icon?
  18. Define Folder.
  19. Write the use of Internet Explorer.
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