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PHP Tutorials List

PHP Tutorials List

In this course, you’ll explore the basic structure of PHP Scripting Language. All basic commands and programming statement will be discussed with examples.

  1. Editors Needed / Notepad++ / Dreamweaver

There are many Softwares / Editors used for PHP Development / PHP Programming. There is no restriction to use which one. It’s all upon you to select an editor. However we recommend using notepad++. Also very popular and strong software used by programmers around the world is Dreamweaver.  We recommend the version 8 for its simple to use and taking less space in installation.

Free PHP Editors:

  • Eclipse PDT
  • NetBeans
  • PHPEclipse
  • Notepad++
  1. Software Needed / WAMP / MAMP / LAMP
    1. WAMP is used on WINDOWS environment (We will select windows environment)
    2. MAMP is used on MAC environment
    3. LAMP is used on LINUX environment
  2. Getting Start Programming in PHP / First PHP Script

PHP script/code is written in between the tags

<?php  and ?>



// all php code will go here


And the file is saved with the extension .php

e.g welcome.php

  1. PHP Comments

Have you noticed the above code snippet containing the double slashes //. Similar to C/C++ or Java Language, there are two types of comments 1) Single line comment 2) Multi-Line Comments.

Single Line comments starts with // e.g

// This is a single line comment

Every line starting with // will be ignored by the PHP Parser. However it can also be used at the end of code statement Like

echo “Hello World” ; // It Prints Hello World

echo $my_age ; // It Prints value of variable $my_age

Multi-Line Comments Starts with /* and ends at */. The code inside these two composite symbols will be ignored by the PHP Parser. See the example code below:



This is first line of comment

This is second line of comment

similarly all these line inside the comments symbols will be ignored by the PHP Parser



Single Line Comment can’t be used between the code statement But Multi-Line Comment can be used
as desired below

echo $name /* prints name */ . $age /* prints age */ ;

Every PHP Command is ended with a semicolon ;

  1. PHP Data Processing / Using PHP Variables
  2. How to show output in PHP? / ECHO Statement / PRINT Statement


**************** Continued *************

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