Thursday , July 7 2022


What is qualitative research? You can find the qualitative research papers, articles and topics. Design and development of an Urdu Parser and Lexicon Punjabi Lexical Database Pakistan is a multilingual country where different languages are being spoken by its people. So for the cross lingual information processing there should be …

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Programming Fundamentals Using Java Language

Programming Fundamentals Using Java Language Course Contents: What is a Computer Program and Problem Solving? Types of Programming Languages: High-Level and Low-Level Languages Language Translators and their Types. Which one is used by the JDK? Structured Programming (Opposite of OOP) Syntax Rules Indentation and Coding Conventions Java Program Structure First …

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NetBeans IDE Java Integrated Development Environment


Netbeans is used as Java integrated development environment (IDE). Netbeans IDE is a specialized IDE for java coding. All phases of software development can be carried out here in one place. You can learn software development techniques usin java language. You can develop code, debug and run in Java development kit …

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