Getting Backlinks From Your Beloved Competitors

Getting Backlinks From Your Beloved Competitors


You can use your competitors, put their sites on SEMRUSH, Ahref or Majestic and extract all their backlinks in the Excel file, then you will spend the rest of your day to see where they have made backlinks so far.

In this  world, your enemy is your enemy, but in the SEO world, your enemy is your best friend.

You will open every backlink, then you will ask the question to your heart, “May I make a backlink here?” Your heart will say, “O Baba, Ye Backlink to Blogworld Par Hai Ye to Halwa Hai Banana.” You will follow the yesterday rule, make a blog like a real one. It would better if you read the #5.

You will see too many other things. Some backlinks will be on Tumblr, Reddit,linkedin, and some other websites where you can make a free backlink or a paid one in the form of a guest post provided you’re working on the same niche.

If you want a real demo, then you can download this backlinks data of ProPakistani at Backlins

Check all the backlinks of ProPakistani (from the source URL section of the Excel file), create a backlink where you can,if you belong to the same niche(Topic) .some backlinks are toxic, check on Moz Site Explorer, if it has a spam score more than 2, don’t make there. If you don’t have such an account, then you can comment the URL of your competitor below.

Use your common sense, follow your competitors’ path how they have made the backlinks by using the websites mentioned above. You just have to put the link, and extract the data in an Excel in one click, and implement for your own site.

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