Wednesday , August 12 2020

Hosting Companies – Bluehost


What is Bluehost? & why we need it? Bluehost web hosting is an important part of your Word Press blog setup strategy. You need this service to “host” your blog. What does that means, once you have registered your blog / business blog domain, you need somewhere to “host” it. …

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PHP Tutorials List

PHP Tutorials List In this course, we’ll explore the basic structure of PHP Scripting Language. All basic commands and programming statements will be discussed with examples. Editors Needed / Notepad++ / Dreamweaver There are many Softwares / Editors used for PHP Development / PHP Programming. There is no restriction to …

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HTML Basic Examples

HTML Basic Examples Hi Guys! Hope so you are fine. Now we go on next step Don’t worry if these examples use tags you have not learned. You will learn about them in the upcoming Posts. <a href="">This is a link</a> The links represent is specified in the(Hyperlink Reference) href attribute. Attributes are used …

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How To Do Keyword Research – The 90% SEO Part 3rd

How To Do Keyword Research – The 90% SEO Part 3rd #19: I already told many times that the potential and the opportunities for doing Keyword Research are unlimited and boundless. Finding the best keywords, which are relevant to your niche and intent-oriented explained in the previous SEO posts, are …

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Lexical Database of Pakistani Regional Languages


Lexical Database of Pakistani Regional Languages ABSTRACT: Pakistan is a multilingual country where different languages are being spoken by its people. So for the cross lingual information processing there should be some centralized repository of words, usually known as a lexical database. This is the main motivation behind this research. …

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